U.S. Army’s New Top Priority: Climate Change

The United States Army published a bulletin last week revealing what the military branch considers a grave threat that may jeopardize U.S. national security: climate change. . .
The document — published by the assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy and environment — claims “climate change is a serious threat to U.S. National security interests and defense objectives.”
“Warming temperatures open new theaters of operations for military and commercial use, while extreme weather events and rising sea levels threaten infrastructure and economic output, trigger large-scale population displacement, migration and exacerbate food and water insecurity,” the bulletin claims.
Because of these alleged threats, the Army will now be “prioritizing climate change” in strategic defense plans. The new focus appears to be directly related to President Joe Biden’s agenda, which emphasizes addressing climate change threats.
The Defense Department, in fact, has already established the “Department of Defense Climate Working Group,” a new office that will coordinate the Defense Department’s ongoing response to climate change.
via joemiller

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