Biden and Fetterman Both Hit with Terrible News

Democratic Senator John Fetterman currently holds a 39 percent approval rating in Pennsylvania, the state in which he serves. President Joe Biden does as well. Both men ran on the platform of “relatability” to win Pennsylvanians over.

They share this in common, and it worked. What isn’t working is remaining afloat by way of it. Where Pennsylvanians were fine with welcoming Fetterman and Biden through their door, both men are now expected to perform.

That’s not happening. The reason? The answer is something else these two political servants share in common but in their own way, a state of feebleness.

Both Biden and Fetterman are evidencing just how feeble they are on a regular basis. That reality isn’t escaping voters in Pennsylvania or across the nation.

It is so apparent that even the establishment media can’t hide it, which is the reason that they no longer are attempting to. At some point, bottom lines need to be considered.

As a human being, I do not like watching both men struggle to perform amid grave health issues. The concern goes well beyond watching a “D” student suddenly find themselves in all AP classes, with no leeway to drop. They are stuck there. Who among us enjoys seeing someone suffer?

That said, both men also put themselves there. That truth gauges the expectations of Pennsylvanians no matter what side of the aisle they sit on.

According to the Washington Examiner, Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro holds an overall approval rating of 57 percent following his handling of the I-95 bridge collapse. A poll conducted between June 22 and June 26 surveying 1,584 registered voters, what that poll ultimately revealed is that Pennsylvanians expect you to “do something.”

Pennsylvania needs leadership. Relatability will only get you so far. The same holds true for having empathy for their senator or president.

The Keystone State elected both men to do jobs. They are now seeing Fetterman and Biden fall short in doing those jobs, not because they are intentionally choosing not to, but because they physically and mentally can’t.

Some may enjoy a laugh or two occasionally at the frailty of Biden or Fetterman. I happen to maintain the same reaction towards these moments as former President Donald Trump. It is a very respectable, humane perspective that points reminds many why so many loyal voters continue to love this man.

The truth of the matter is that there is nothing funny about the decline of Fetterman or Biden nor the situation it places Pennsylvania in currently or the United States. A leadership that is weak puts the entire nation at risk.

That means your family, my family, all our families remain unsafe. Who likes knowing that?

We move together whether we like it or not. Every one of us sincerely needs to remember this point when considering where our nation is headed as well as what “winning” as a free people actually means if not looks like.

Weighing the future, however, what does all of this boil down to for the political aspirations of Republicans in 2024? No doubt, the party realizes the importance of winning this swing state in order to reassume the top office.

In a free and fair election, you would think that the odds would be very good for the Republicans. The lack of performance by Fetterman combined with that of Biden could leave enough Pennsylvania voters with a bad taste in their mouths to throw the state in the direction of Republicans.

Depending upon your beliefs about our current election process, though, some voters may just say that “odds” have nothing to do with the actual “outcome.” And then there just may be a third-party candidate by the name of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia who ultimately may stun everyone if he indeed chooses to run.

We will see where all of this goes. One thing is for certain. Pennsylvanians are losing patience with their senator and president. And their influence over the rest of the nation is nothing to sneeze at. For everyone but the Democrats, this is an opportunity.

via westernjournal

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