Twitter Restricts Account of Professor after She Criticized Chinese President

A university professor in New Zealand claims her Twitter account was temporarily restricted after she criticized the Chinese government and its president, Xi Jinping.
“Seems like @Twitter may have briefly forgotten they don’t work for Xi Jinping,” University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady tweeted after access to her account was restored Monday.
Brady, an expert on China, has been a vocal critic of the country’s Communist Party and claims a critical pair of tweets she sent last week was enough to initiate a social media ban. The tweets were marked “unavailable” over the weekend, and her account was subsequently restricted, Brady shared in a series of tweets.

Brady said the platform welcomed her back after the suspension.
“Opening my work laptop this morning I was greeted by a ‘Welcome back’ message on my screen from @Twitter, as if I was the one who left them,” she tweeted with a screenshot of the message.
via joemiller

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