WARNING! ‘Assassination’ May Be Next for Trump

In a recent interview with conservative commentator Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller and creator of The Tucker Carlson Network (TCN), raised concerns about the escalating attempts to thwart former President Donald Trump’s political momentum. Carlson warned that, given the failures of previous strategies such as protests, impeachment, and indictment, the next move by political opponents could potentially involve an assassination attempt.

Carlson pointed out that opponents of Trump, particularly those in the professional class, may view his return to the presidency as the worst-case scenario. Despite their efforts so far, including protests, impeachment, and indictment, none have succeeded in preventing Trump’s influence.

“If you felt, and you really believe it, and a lot of them do, that the worst thing that could happen to the country is to have Donald Trump as president — and everything you have tried has failed, and they have been accelerating steps – protests, impeachment, indictment – like, how many more arrows do you have in your quiver? And what’s the next one? And of course it’s assassination,” Carlson expressed during the conversation with Bongino.

Carlson argued that it is “not crazy” to consider the possibility of an assassination attempt against Trump, especially given global instances of political figures being assassinated. Drawing attention to a recent dinner conversation with the former president of Haiti regarding the assassination of his successor, Carlson highlighted that political assassinations have occurred in the United States more frequently than acknowledged.

While Carlson admitted discussing the potential threat with Trump, the former president did not engage with the subject. Despite not knowing Trump’s perspective on the matter, Carlson asserted that Trump, being smart, must be aware of the potential risks.

Further, Carlson said, “You’re not allowed to say them precisely because they are not conspiracy theories or lies. They are true. And that is true. Period.”

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