Trump Will Be LIVE In Person At The Florida ‘American Freedom Tour’

Just announced: President Trump will appear at the American Freedom Tour event in Florida on March 19th!

This is a rare opportunity for Trump supporters to avoid rally lines and guarantee themselves a seat when President Trump is speaking.

If you’ve always wanted to see President Trump in person but haven’t been able to, this is it!

President Trump appeared live at the American Freedom Tour event in Houston in January, and the event was off the charts!

“The energy has been electric. In every city so far,” says American Freedom Tour President Chris Widener. “America is rallying to Win Back America.”

Also appearing live and in-person will be:

— Donald Trump, Jr.

— Kimberly Guilfoyle

— Sheriff Mark Lamb

— Sarah Huckabeee Sanders

Stand proud as Patriots. Stand strong as Americans.

via maganews2020

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