Trump SLAMS Election Interference Before NYC Testimony (VIDEO)

Former president and current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to the press before his testimony in a New York City court today, accusing Democrats of “political warfare” and “election interference” in their never-ending legal suits and indictments against him. Trump also refused to back down, promising, “[W]e’ll fight very hard for our country.”

The former president faces an ongoing lawsuit accusing Trump’s children and associates of “fraud and misrepresentation” on financial statements, a hotly contested allegation. Speaking before his court testimony on Monday, Trump called Soros-funded New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the suit, a “racist” AG. He also implied that Democrats’ priorities are out of whack in an increasingly crisis-plagued world.

“So while Israel is being attacked, while Ukraine is being attacked, while inflation is eating our country alive, I’m down here” facing “political opponents” from the “Biden administration,” Trump began. He pointed to poll numbers from CBS News and the New York Times that show him “leading all over the place” in the presidential race. “This is really election interference, that’s all it is, the trial is ridiculous,” he emphasized, referring to the lawfare he’s facing.

Trump insisted that his opponents vastly underestimated the value of his property. “The numbers are much greater than on the financial statement. We’ve already proven that they said Mar-a-Lago is worth $18 million, Mar-a-Lago is worth anywhere from probably 50 to 100 times more than that. And it’s a terrible, terrible thing,” the Republican presidential front-runner said, adding, “These are political operatives that I’m going to be dealing with right now.”

Republican legal expert Mike Davis previously explained that one tennis court at Mar-a-Lago is valued at $18 million, so the whole estate is worth more. In September, real estate insiders stunned at the ridiculous $18 million valuation stated that Mar-a-Lago would list for at least $300 million.

Trump called the trial a “very sad situation for our country” and insisted that “We shouldn’t have this. This is for third-world countries… It’s very unfair.” The American people “understand it, they see it,” Trump went on, “and they don’t like it…It’s political warfare…political lawfare.” Normally such a situation would occur only in banana republics or third-world countries, Trump said again.

“To this extent, we’ve never seen it here,” but Trump is not daunted, he said. “We will hopefully do very well in every regard, we’ll win the election, and we’ll Make America Great Again.” To do so, “we have to take [it] away from the thugs that we deal with…that actually must hate our country to do this.” He ended with a promise that “we’ll fight very hard for our country.”

James, meanwhile, of course, used typical Democrat rhetoric to bash Trump, accusing him of “taunts and race-baiting,” according to the Post Millennial. James, who reportedly received at least $20,000 in donations from radical leftist billionaire George Soros (also funding the current anti-Semitic movement), accused Trump of having “repeatedly and consistently misrepresented and inflated the value of his assets.”

Soros’s son Jonathan and daughter-in-law also donated to James, as did Obama/Clinton/Biden backer and ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt and anti-Trump LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, according to Fox News. Fox noted that Soros “has poured millions of dollars into efforts backing Biden and opposing Trump,” adding yet another point in favor of those who argue that James is engaging in political targeting rather than an objective lawsuit.

In July 2021, Trump testified that he put Donald Jr. in charge of the trust since “he was impressive in business, as was Eric, and I thought I would do that while I continued onward with politics,” as quoted by the Post Millennial. Trump explained further, “I would look at them, I would see them, and I would maybe on occasion have some suggestions,” but insisted, “We’ll explain that as this trial goes along. This crazy trial goes along. Because we’re bringing in the bankers. Very big bankers. They will explain exactly what their process is.”

The New York fraud suit is one of multiple cases Democrats and the Biden administration have brought against Trump, who is currently Joe Biden’s biggest presidential rival.

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