Biden’s DOJ Denied – Trump Judge Slams Latest Attempt To Censor Americans

It truly is disheartening when judges have to step in in order to protect the people from their own government. That is life in the United States currently, a place where the government uses “national safety and security” as an excuse to handcuff us all.

Thankfully, former President Donald Trump placed concrete barriers between “freedom of speech” and the swamp so as to safeguard the Constitutional rights of those he served. This is the only reason U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty was able to deny the Biden Justice Department’s request for a stay in censoring who gets to share their thoughts through social media and who doesn’t.

Once again, fear remains at the center of the DOJ’s rationale and overreach. A lackey of the deep state, fear shut down an entire world not too long ago. Having proved successful once before, why not try a second time?

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves,” Matthew 7:15. The ravening wolves are upon Conservatives, ready to rip out their tongues if they say anything divergent from the narrative designed to turn this country into a two-tier system, slaves and masters.

According to The Washington Post, the Trump-appointed judge clarified that the stay prohibits activities Defendants already don’t have a right to do, namely “pressure social media companies into removing speech that works against what they want to accomplish.” It isn’t any more complicated than that.

Gagging conservatives is an effective way to ensure that only one message is heard. The deep state wants conservatives isolated and alone because their words raise questions that may catch fire. Then what?

That is the premise underneath all of the vicious attacks conservatives must entertain when voicing their opinions on social media. For them, social media truly isn’t social at all, rather “hostile,” with the Biden administration and liberal left leading the charge.

Pointing the finger at half the nation in an effort to convince the other half that their collective health and welfare is in danger because of “those other guys” isn’t in the best interest of a president whose best interest is the people he serves. It is as if an alternate agenda is at play.

We all know that it is. Neither the Biden White House nor the Biden administration nor the Biden Justice Department has any interest in turning our nation upright. Their only interest is to turn it over to the deep state and dare I say, China, for power and profit.

The driving force is greed. None of these attempts to censor conservatives have anything to do with making the United States safer for any of us, whether on the left or right. Conservatives are well aware. No one is being fooled here.

Comparing the ramifications of disagreeable speech to the harm of human trafficking or the rise in violent crime across this nation just demonstrates how soulless and conniving our current leadership and the deep state is. Under normal circumstances, one causes hurt feelings or passing anger; the other, lifelong trauma or worse.

Those don’t even belong in the same sentence, notwithstanding used in an argument to convince a judge that certain Americans need to have their speech policed when entering into the public forum. The fact that it was should make everyone think.

We are truly living in a very dangerous time when few things are left standing in the way of the United States losing its freedom and position. Everywhere we turn, conservatives are under attack. And just as it is Trump standing in the way of the deep state overtaking our nation, it is now a judge which he appointed. It is also, us, conservatives.

For as much as plenty of our brethren on the other side hate us, we are actually the last bastion saving this nation from complete and utter ruin. They may not see us as such. Maybe you never even looked at it this way, yourself, but we are.

We are the fight the Biden administration is working so hard to extinguish before it begins no less. We are the heroes who continue to get up. Those who continue to talk to each other despite the many social media behemoths that cast us from their platforms. Our names may not be as famous as Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, or Donald Trump, but they are just as important.

That is what this administration, the deep state, and the liberal left want to keep silent in silencing you, conservative America. In taking your voice, so goes a little more of their opposition and the realization that “you could stop them” in this battle that is actually as old as time.

For if “evil” ever actually had won, “good” wouldn’t have to continue to fight. And we are still fighting, now aren’t we?

via westernjournal

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