Trump Could Be Eyeing This Woman for VP

Former President Donald Trump may consider someone like Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik to be his vice presidential pick, Trump insiders told the Daily Caller.

Stefanik fits the profile of characteristics Trump’s team will be looking for in a VP. She’s rallied behind him in his impeachment proceedings and the New York indictment, and was the first member of GOP leadership to endorse him for president — throwing her weight behind his candidacy before Trump announced it himself. Her commitment could lead Trump to choose her on a basis of loyalty, which those close to Trump say is the most desired quality in a VP.

“Loyalty. That’s the necessary characteristic of anyone who wants to be VP. President Trump and the movement was dragged down by disloyalty in the White House,” a source close to Trump said.

The Caller granted anonymity to some sources familiar with Trump’s thinking to allow them to speak openly on a sensitive matter.

“I see no better fit than Elise Stefanik, but the president will take his own counsel,” Mike Caputo, a longtime friend and adviser to Trump, said.

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