Trump Attorney Fined for Honest Statements (VIDEO)

Trump Attorney Alina Habba was sanctioned $1 million by a leftist judge she never even met for telling the truth.

Alina joined Ed Henry and Karyn Turk on American Sunrise this morning.

Alina Habba: So Special Counsel Jack Smith reports to Merrick Garland. It’s one twisted thing. You would think that it’s… You know, they give the impression that they’ve hired this Special Counsel, he’s completely – independent. That’s not accurate. It’s not accurate. He reports to Merrick Garland. And who does Merrick Garland report to? Joe Biden!

Ed Henry: You were going after the origins of Russiagate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the lies and don’t lie to the FISA court.

Alina Habba: And I got sanctioned a million dollars for something that ended up being 100% true. Everything in my complaint was vetted. We spent months and months and months and months on that complaint and I was sanctioned. I didn’t even get to go to court and meet the judge. I just filed a complaint… That’s a lot of money to make. Absolutely. And that is what we’re dealing with. The order had nothing to do with Russiagate, which Durham now said was 100% true.

Via Midnight Rider.

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