Trevor Loudon Explains The American Communist Revolution

An expert on worldwide Communist infiltrations, Trevor Loudon, is speaking out loudly about what he sees unfolding in America calling it a full-blown ‘Revolution.’ He is educating Americans about how easy the left is getting away with it all. 
“Americans are slow to wake up to ways we use to identify these marxist and Communist movements so I keep trying to find new ways to get the information out.  I love America, and the world needs a strong America back or the rest of the world is doomed,” Loudon told Gateway Pundit.
Loudon’s words are being heard, as they were reported in the Canadian Free press, on Friday:
America is now in the midst of a communist revolution that is trying to centralize power through bringing every element of the U.S. government, from the lowest levels to the top, under the control of the executive branch, said author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon.
Loudon, who has studied America’s left extensively and written about the Democrat Party players and their ties to Marxism in his book, White House Reds, explains the left’s tactics and networks.  Notable are high-profile Democrats leaders who emerge in our current events, like Nancy Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, and others.
Loudon explains their recent behavior.
“Therefore, the independence of the legislature, the independence of the supreme court, the independence of the sheriffs and the police must all be destroyed, and the loyalty of the army to the Constitution must be transferred to loyalty to the president,” Loudon said in an interview this week.
In a video, Loudon talks about how a small American Communist Party of less than 1000 people is responsible for the powerful changes to our Republic and in the political messaging we see today that helps shape public opinion and one that is a disaster for America.
Check this video out:

via thegatewaypundit

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