Top Biden donor handed ‘millions’ in federal contracts

An investigation by the Washington Free Beacon has revealed that one of Joe Biden’s top donors “has scored millions of dollars” in federal contracts.

And not just that, he’s also been given “a prestigious job” in the White House.

The results come from a review of government records by the Free Beacon.

“Biden in September of last year placed close confidant Joe Kiani, the founder and CEO of the medical technology company Masimo Corporation, on the influential President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Kiani’s company, which manufactures various medical devices, has received almost $3 million in federal government contracts since Biden took office in 2021. Its contracts include funding from the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services,” the report confirmed.

It explained the post and the contracts came “just a few years after Kiani emerged as one of Biden’s biggest benefactors.”

For example, in 2017 the Masimo Foundation gave at least $1 million to the Biden Foundation, a donation that was in addition to the $500,000 from Kiani and his wife.

Then during the 2020 election Kiani bundled more than $1 million for Biden “and hosted in-person and virtual fundraisers for him,” the Free Beacon reported.

Another $750,000 from Kiani went to a pro-Biden super PAC. And Biden’s inaugural committee got another $1 million from Kiani’s foundation.

The links between the two date back some time, the report said, with Biden delivering an address at a summit assembled by Kiani in 2015 and Biden calling Kiani “one of my closet friends” in 2018.

The close relationship also has caught the attention of the House Oversight Committee, whose member, Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., suggested, “Cronyism in any form is wrong.”

“For someone who has spent almost 40 years in Washington, you’d think President Biden of all people would know that. Yet here we are, another campaign donor receiving a post in the administration, this time on the prestigious President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. It’s important to get to the bottom of this, and I’m happy to help lead that charge.” he said.

Masimo also was the recipient of contracts totaling millions under previous administrations, the report confirmed.

The report explained other Biden family members have financial links to Kiani, including son-in-law Howard Krein who was an officer of a company launched with “investment” from Kiani.

The report also noted the Masimo Foundation has given $350,000 to USA Today for the outlet’s “patient safety” reporting, and the publication then wrote about Biden’s at-home COVID test kit rollout.

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