Deadly Drone Attack Claims Lives of American Soldiers

In news that is both tragic and ominous, U.S. officials admit three military members have been killed and others injured in Jordan, reportedly the first American military deaths in the Middle East since the current Hamas-Israel conflict began.

Ever since the heinous Hamas attack on Israelis Oct. 7, the conflict has been expanding and multiple countries have been involved, providing aid to one side or the other (in the case of America, our government is providing aid to both sides). While it is important and right for the U.S. to back and help Israel, many Americans have feared that our troops would be drawn into active fighting, which is a sobering prospect — especially under our current incompetent leadership. Americans with family and friends in the military will no doubt find the news about the deadly drone attack in Jordan a fresh cause for worry.

Just the News reported the details Jan. 28. The fallen soldiers have apparently not been publicly identified yet, but we should offer up prayers for them and their families. Being in Jordan as an American soldier is risky at any time, but right now it seems particularly dangerous. Even before this drone attack, the wisdom of having American troops in Jordan was questionable. Israel Defense Forces’ Hananya Naftali called the drone attack a “major escalation.”

Just the News:

Three U.S. Army troops were killed and at least two dozen other service members were injured in Jordan in an overnight drone attack near the border with Syria, U.S. officials said Sunday…

The attack on Tower 22 is the first time U.S. troops have been killed in the Middle East since Hamas invaded Israel on Oct. 7, 2023…

Out of respect for the families, the servicemembers are not going to be identified until 24 hours after their next of kin have been notified, according to U.S. Central Command.

Former Trump official Richard Grenell pointed out that, under Joe Biden, U.S. hostages are still being held in Gaza and now troops have been killed in Jordan. That’s a stark contrast to Donald Trump’s achievement of a historic peace agreement between Arabs and Israelis. Biden praised the fallen soldiers as “patriots in the highest sense,” according to Fox News — but while the statement is true, it is under the Biden presidency that so many wars and conflicts have erupted around the world and spiraled out of control. Would these brave soldiers be dead if Biden were not in office? Maybe not.

May God help both the people of Israel and our own U.S. troops overseas. It’s an increasingly war-torn world, and we can only hope we’re not heading into World War III.

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