Something FISHY About Obama’s Chef Death (VIDEO)

. . .In late July, Chef Tafari Campbell drowned while paddle boarding near the Martha’s Vineyard estate of former President Barack Obama[.] . .

The story became one of palace intrigue due to the anonymous 911 call, the location of the Obamas at the time of the incident, and the former president’s injuries at a golf course not long after the event. He was sporting bandaged hands and a black eye. It might be a coincidence, but the drowning has sparked many conspiracy theories and accompanying fact-checks, which don’t mean anything. The liberal media destroyed the ‘fact check’ beat when weaponizing these pieces against the Trump presidency. . .

Like the FBI, it’s lost all credibility. If anything, it only pours more gasoline on the conspiratorial bonfire. Later, it was determined that the Obamas were on the island but not at their residence, though the emergency call log from police appeared scattered. And the freakish thing about the Campbell case is that he isn’t the first chef to die serving a former Democratic president. The Clintons personal chef, who also served the Bush White House, died in 2015. The cause of death: drowning.

But there’s also footage of Mr. Campbell swimming. So, why was he struggling to stay afloat? The Obama conspiracy theories are more geared toward Michelle: I’ll let you Google those on your own. The secretive Clintons, who play politics all the time, are owners of the infamous ‘body count’ theory, where many who got close to this power couple suffered untimely deaths.


via joemiller

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