There’s another invasion, closer to home – and it’s increasing!

America is in crisis. It's never been more serious, more critical, more of an existential threat to liberty, the rule of law – and it is happening to us in plain sight.

I'm not talking of Ukraine and the Russian invasion. That's merely what appears in the media day and night. That is only the latest crisis. If we had a competent president, a loyal Congress and a truly free press, we could deal with it. We've dealt with more over the last 255 years.

But we have not been prepared for more.

We've seen many things in the last 14 months that leave us as a country totally unequipped.

That's when Joe Biden ensured that America would be open to invasion.

He invited it.

He asked for it.

It has resulted in an untold number of foreign invaders entering the U.S. He offered to pay them. He transported them to our cities on buses and on secret flights in the dead of night. He gave them safe harbor in all 50 states. He didn't even see if they were security threats. He partnered with dangerous drug cartels to get them in and turned them loose to unleash the most deadly substance ever to reach our shores and create an epidemic that kills more people from 18 to 45 years old than any other cause of death.

And, yes, it continues unabated – in fact it's growing today.

Last month saw a 63% higher rate than the same time last year, according to the defanged Customs and Border Protection agency – if we can believe that figure. It could be much higher. They only count "encounters" with invaders. They admit to 164,973. That's more than the entire Russian army invading Ukraine – in just 13 months. The total illegal invasion in the U.S. since Biden's inauguration is estimated at more than 2 million.

The invaders have come from every nation in the world – Russia, China, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and, of course, Latin America. Biden calls for migration to "dramatically expand."

Most of the invaders represent military-age males between 18-30 years old, though they also include many women and children the cartels prey on for sex-trafficking.

Despite the volume of illegal immigration, Biden has appealed the reversal in federal court of the Remain-in-Mexico policy.

Crime is rising in America exponentially, but the American people don't know how much of it is actually caused by the open border policies. That's due to an unwillingness by the media to challenge the numbers because, well, it's just not in their interest – nor do they show us the invasion.

But it's more than this – a lot more.

What more can I say?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are a joke – a dangerous joke for the American people.

But how do we escape them?

We cannot wait until Election Day 2022.

And even then we won't have the full truth about Election Day 2020.

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