The Extremely Similar Case to Floyd You Never Heard About Because He Was White

This case could kill the left’s woke narrative on systemic racism in the police force.
A year before the death of George Floyd, which inspired months upon months of protests across America, The Dallas Morning News reported on the then-three-year-old story of a man with a case very similar to Floyd’s.
The main difference? He was white.
Tony Timpa, a 32-year-old man from north Texas, reportedly called 911 after having driven his car into a shady parking lot in a bout of drug-fueled panic and fear. According to a video released from DMN, Timpa told the dispatch officer he wasn’t taking his mental health medication and “had taken drugs.”
Just an hour later, Timpa was dead.
While much of the establishment media ignored Timpa’s case, or spent limited time covering the story, DMN wasn’t about to do the same.
Having been contacted by an acquaintance of Timpa’s, the outlet had reportedly spent over a year by 2017 fighting for public records containing information about Timpa’s death held by the city of Dallas and Dallas County — both of which refused to leak information of any kind.
Thanks to the work of DMN, though, body camera footage was finally released which revealed that Timpa, in fact, died at the hands of Dallas police officers that night.
The footage showed Timpa “restrained in a controversial position,” one similar to the position former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin used while restraining George Floyd.
However, Timpa was reportedly restrained for nearly 14 minutes, while Floyd was only restrained for nine.
WARNING: The following video contains graphic language and imagery that some viewers will find offensive.

Timpa exclaimed in the footage, “You’re gonna kill me,” before officers restrained him.
One officer seemingly joked about Timpa’s place of residence, based on cards found in his wallet, while another mentioned a “Green Oaks cocktail special,” reportedly a reference to a sedative used in a psychiatric hospital in Dallas.
As the officers continued to joke about what they would do next with Timpa, he stopped moving and making noises.
Later, as Timpa was lifted onto a gurney and into an ambulance, one officer remarked, “Hope I didn’t kill him,” as the rest of the squad laughed. When the ambulance paramedics informed the officers that Timpa had stopped breathing, and later that he died, they were shocked.
One officer remarked, “Oh, s***,” as another said, “Oh, f***.”
An Instagram account titled “Unwoke Narrative” created a chart contrasting the Timpa and Floyd cases, emphasizing the difference in how the establishment media handled the two stories.
When the video of Floyd’s death circulated on social media last May, outlets immediately began spinning the “racist cop” yarn.
WARNING: The following video contains graphic imagery.

However, as “Unwoke Narrative” pointed out, Timpa’s death was not given anywhere close to the same amount of attention by the media. Outlets like CNN and USA Today wrote their stories, but none made Timpa the martyr Floyd was immediately painted as.
The fact that Timpa’s case exists in the first place is infuriating. The officers in this footage almost entirely disregarded their suspect’s well-being, even going so far as to make jokes about the man they apprehended up to his death.
However, even worse is the fact that this story is being largely ignored by the establishment media in order to protect an already false narrative.
Whether you believe both suspects, or neither, deserved the treatment they received, it’s hard to defend the extensive spin the woke media has gone after in order to protect its optics.
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