The Demonic Left Will Stop at Nothing — Including Destroying SCOTUS — To Kill Babies

In an egregious and unprecedented move, Politico published a full draft of a leaked Supreme Court opinion indicating that the high court is about to strike down the left’s favorite ruling that fabricated a so-called “right” to abortion: Roe v. Wade.

It’s the left’s worst nightmare. They’re about to lose their grip on the bogus legal precedent from 1973 that undergirds the foundation of their platform and aims. It’s the decision that, to this day, enables them to carry out their values of convenience, population control, and pandering by dehumanizing unborn children before dismembering them and calling it “empowerment.” . . .

Sure, we don’t yet know all the facts of the current situation, so we don’t know who surrendered the document — showing at least a 5-4 majority for conservatives on Dobbs — to the press. But it doesn’t take Einstein to piece this one together.

First, the left is desperate. They’re severely underwater headed into the midterms and need something to draw out the Democrat vote, and it’s not going to be the economy or foreign policy or Covid. A threat to their beloved abortion access could be the golden ticket.

Second, with a conservative SCOTUS majority and clear public opinion against the evils of abortion, the left has always faced an uphill battle with Dobbs, but bullying the court could be a hail Mary. It’s common knowledge that Chief Justice John Roberts’ fidelity is to his own public image over the Constitution, and what about fresh faces such as Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett? The public now knows for the first time the trio’s written intent to strike Roe as bad law — but before it’s published. It’s a recipe for harassment, threats, and intimidation to swing their opinions before they’re codified.

via joemiller

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