The CIA: Dead Spy Stumbling – This New Generation Is Dysfunctional

I entered on duty with the CIA in September 1985. I spent a year in the Career Trainee Program and then, in September 1986, took up my work as the lone Honduran analyst in the Central American Branch. That was a hot position that put me in the frontline of one of the top foreign policy priorities at the time of the Reagan Administration–the Central American Wars and Soviet interference in Nicaragua. When I write, “hot position,” I mean that I was writing two to three times a week for the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) and the National Intelligence Daily (NID).
I had a front-row seat to watch the struggle to present intelligence that cut against the grain of the political priorities of the Reagan Administration. I recall vividly sitting in a “Warning Meeting” that was chaired by the National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Latin America. At one point during my briefing I referred to the Contras who were based in the Salient in southern Honduras. The NIO interrupted and ordered me to refer to them as “the Nicaraguan Democrat Resistance.” Me being me responded, “But the President calls them the Contras.” The NIO responded, “Yes, but he’s the President.”
When you start dictating politically correct language to an intelligence analyst you are on the threshold of Orwell’s 1984. I count myself fortunate to have worked at the CIA when it still had some shred of integrity intact. My experience was not the first time that a political agenda intruded on the intelligence process. Cuba in the 1960s and the Vietnam War preceded me as other dark examples of trying to cook the intelligence to match White House priorities.
Now we have this ridiculous recruiting video featuring the new generation of CIA officers:
The CIA has released its recruitment video that features an “intersectional” and “cisgender” Latina mother who says that her employment was not a slip through the cracks and wants to make it known she is “educated, qualified and competent.”
Instead of committing to serve America, this new generation is self-serving and dysfunctional. Instead of weeding out mentally disturbed individuals, the new model “cisgender millenial” seemingly brags about her mental illness-i.e. anxiety disorder. Yep, that is the kind of person a Russian or Chinese target for recruitment by the CIA wants to entrust their life to. Remember, the job of a CIA officer doing human intelligence is to convince foreigners to commit treason against their countries to provide the United States with information that cannot be obtained any other way.
And when you are working in a foreign country you have to fit in with the foreign culture. How do you think Miss Cisgender would do in Pakistan trying to recruit a member of Pakistan’s Intelligence Service to join our side?
This video is just the latest installment of an idiotic decision that started under Bill Clinton to infiltrate Social Justice Warfare into the CIA. There was a time that open homosexuals were not hired, principally for fear that they would be blackmailed. I know for a fact that the CIA recruited as an asset in a foreign country who was both homosexual but preferred the company of young boys. Yes, the CIA would use that asset’s homosexuality and pedophilia as a pressure point to extract sensitive information.
During the Presidency of Bill Clinton, open homosexuals were hired. And it was not long before there was an event held on the grounds of CIA Headquarters–its “Dykes on Bikes.” They rode around the outside of Headquarters celebrating their “diversity.” No, this is not a Babylon Bee article. That actually happened.
During the first decade of the 21st Century, when George Tenet and John Brennan held the reigns, the process for evaluating officers changed. The issue of race and sexual orientation became an important consideration. The senior officers who reviewed someone who was not Caucasian and/or was not heterosexual were informed they had to write a justification for why they did not promote someone in the new protected class. Guess what? Rather than write honest fitness reports, underperforming junior officers got a participation ribbon and were promoted. Many of those mediocrities are now in senior leadership positions.
This is a sickening development. The CIA is supposed to be the preeminent institution for clandestine operations and recruiting foreign spies. It is no longer that. Instead, the Headquarters is filled with slavering bureaucrats keen on getting promoted instead of protecting America.
This failing institution, in my view, now represents an existential threat to this country. We are for all practical purposes blind and vulnerable. Russia and China (as well as other professional intelligence services) fully appreciate the hot mess we have become. This creates two key counterintelligence threats. First, it makes it easier to run double agents at us. Barely competent case officers are under the gun to recruit a foreign asset to satisfy requirements on a collection plan. Don’t be surprised when we learn that the Russians or the Chinese sent us exactly the kind of person we are desperate to recruit.
Second, hiring more people with sexual or emotional vulnerabilities creates more opportunities for foreign spies to target and recruit our people as their spies. These problems will not suddenly emerge overnight, but they will be revealed in time. Unfortunately, we will learn about these problems when we are in the midst of a deadly foreign crisis. Trying to buy fire insurance while your house is on fire is not a recommended practice.
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