Thanks to Speaker Vos’s Solid Backing, Drop Boxes Were Allowed in Wisconsin in 2020

The Wisconsin Election Commission reported today that it will not all for individuals to drop off ballots for other people in the upcoming April election.

The AP reported:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to retract its guidance that allowed for multiple absentee ballot boxes and for people other than the voter to return absentee ballots, in compliance with a state Supreme Court order.

The bipartisan commission met Wednesday morning, less than 12 hours after polls closed in the state’s spring primary Tuesday night.

The Supreme Court last week ruled that current guidance on drop boxes and delivering absentee ballots could remain in place only through Tuesday’s primary. It rejected the elections commission’s request to keep current guidance in place through the April 5 general election.

Of course, none of the absentee ballot activities noted above are allowed for in the state because none of this was put in place by the legislature, which the state’s Constitution requires.  This leaves the courts to make decisions because of a lack of action from the legislature.

Unfortunately, the state has in place Speaker, Robin Vos who was behind drop boxes in Wisconsin as well as across the country.  Recent reports are that Vos wants even more drop boxes for the upcoming election.

via realconservativesunite

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