Texas School Shooter’s Mother Speaks Out About Her Son

By Daily Caller. The mother of the 18-year-old allegedly responsible for the massacre at Robb Elementary School spoke out Wednesday about her son, claiming he was “not a violent person.”

Adriana Reyes admits that her son Salvador Ramos “kept to himself and didn’t have many friends,” but denies that he was a violent person, according to an interview with Daily Mail. She said she was “surprised” to learn her son was the Texas school shooter and claims to have had no idea he had legally purchased two AR-15 rifles, one of which he used in his attack on the innocent victims within the school.

“My son wasn’t a violent person. I’m surprised by what he did,” Reyes said, according to Daily Mail.

Reyes went on to deny having a strained relationship with her son and denied rumors that she had a drug addiction issue which led Ramos to live with his grandparents, according to Daily Mail.

“I had a good relationship with him,” Reyes said. She revealed the last time she spoke with Ramos was on Monday, which was Ramos’ birthday, and the day before the shooting took place. “I had a card and a Snoopy stuffed animal to give to him.”


SHOCKING: Responding Officers Did Not Shoot, Allowed Ramos to Enter School With AR-15

Chilling footage has surfaced of Salvador Ramos, 18, stalking around the outside of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, while carrying a rifle just before he killed 19 children and two adults in a mass shooting.

Just before arriving at the school, Ramos had reportedly gotten into an argument with his grandmother. Those who knew Ramos said he was frequently bullied for a speech impediment and had such a bad relationship with his mother that the state moved him out of her house so he could live with his grandmother.

Ramos then took his grandmother’s car and crashed it outside Robb Elementary School, where he was later captured on video stalking around the building.

A bystander heard the crash and called 911. Responding police reportedly confronted but did not shoot Ramos, who opened fire and hit two officers. He then fled inside the school through a backdoor and barricaded himself in a classroom, where he killed 19 students and two adults.

First responders described the scene at the school as “chaos” as concerned parents rushed to the building to find their children. According to reports from the responders, some parents went so far as to smash school windows to try to help their children escape.

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