2020 ELECTION FRAUD: Swing-State Secretary Admits

Georgia was a swing state in the 2020 presidential election, helping give the White House to Joe Biden by the narrowest of margins, and likely will be one of the deciding factors in the 2024 count.

Now its secretary of state is conceding ballots were botched in one county, and the county is to blame.

A report from Just the News explains the state office confirmed that Floyd County mishandled the 2020 election ballot of Perry Greene, the former husband of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican representing the state.

Perry Greene said the foul-up clearly was not a “one-off” situation as he “heard from a lot of people” who had the same problem.

The confirmation from the state adds to the evidence that the 2020 race count is suspect in a number of ways.

Other undue influences came from Mark Zuckerberg, who handed out $400 million plus to local election officials who often spent the money to recruit voters in left-leaning districts.

There also was the confirmation of the FBI’s interference, when it told social and legacy media companies to censor accurate reporting about the Biden family’s international business schemes. Subsequent polling showed had those details been reported ordinarily, enough Democrats would have withheld their support from Biden that he likely would have lost the election.

Rep. Greene recently posted online a report about how her then-husband “went to cast a ballot at a polling station in the 2020 general election but was told that he had already voted absentee.”

She explained he had not requested such a ballot, and she and Perry Greene both were “called liars” when they challenged the claim about an absentee ballot.

Just the News noted, “Greene, whose husband filed for divorce from her last September, has vocally supported former President Donald Trump’s claims that there was election fraud in 2020. ”

The report noted Trump and others were indicted last week on state charges in Georgia by a prosecutor who claims they tried to overturn the 2020 election results in the state. Critics of the scheme by a leftist prosecutor point out that Trump and others essentially took the same actions that Al Gore did in Florida in 2000 to try to “find” more votes. And there were no charges for those actions.

Just the News confirmed Perry Greene verified what happened, writing “I did not request one!!” on a form to cancel a ballot affidavit.

He said three other people at the voting station had the same experience as his.

This week, the secretary of state’s office provided Just the News with a screenshot of Perry Greene’s voting, including the user ID of the person who issued the ballot.

Mike Hassinger, a spokesman for the office, said the audit reveals “a county worker took action to issue a ballot for the voter at 4:03 PM on October 23, 2020. They subsequently canceled that ballot. Then, 5 minutes later at 4:08 PM, they issued another ballot to the voter and successfully checked in the voter to allow him to vote advanced in person.”

He said the situation was “likely poll worker error.”

The county earlier claimed it was an “error in the system” that showed Perry Greene already had voted, and he told Just the News, “There’s enough there to say there’s fraud in the system.”

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