Stimulus breakdown pilfers $17,000 from each individual, gives back only $1,400

Government schools have destroyed mathematics because they say it is racist, instead replacing it with TikTok Videos and Cartoons. This makes it much easier for government to pilfer $17,000 from every government-school educated person in order to ‘give’ them back only $1,400.
Does this math add up for you?
We recently reported on the passage of the Democrat bailout bill that was passed in its final form, yesterday by The House. The spending was incredible and focused heavily on hundreds of billions in Democrat handouts. What’s worse, though, is that “less than 9% of the entire spending in this bill actually goes to crushing the virus and helping distribute vaccines and putting shots in arms.” Now, we have a simple breakdown of some of the most egregious theft in American history disguised in the stimulus to ‘help Americans.’
via wnd

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