States’ Lawsuit Reveals Feds Pushed Censorship Tools to Big Tech

Disclosures brought about by Missouri and Louisiana’s tech First Amendment lawsuit against the federal government reveal that the U.S. State Department actively marketed government-funded online censorship tools to Big Tech companies.

As reported by the Federalist, an official at the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, or GEC, sent an email to the popular business networking platform LinkedIn advertising the so-called “disinfo cloud,” a GEC-funded project that sought to identify “disinformation” online.

GEC senior advisor Samaruddin Stewart first wrote to LinkedIn in February 2020, requesting a meeting, saying he had been “tasked with building relationships with technology companies,” and that he was reaching out to companies interested in “countering disinformation.”

In another email to LinkedIn employees following the meeting, Stewart advertised the GEC’s censorship tool.

“I’ll send information… about gaining access to Disinfo Cloud — which is a GEC funded platform that offers stakeholders an opportunity to discover companies, technology, and tools that can assist with identifying, understanding, and addressing disinformation,” said Stewart.

via joemiller

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