Primary Scheduling: Biden’s Plan Faces Opposition Even from Dems

Joe Biden and the people who control him are trying to change the Democrat primary schedule for 2024. They want South Carolina to vote first because that’s the state that saved his candidacy in 2020.

Leaders in other early states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, even Democrat leaders, are rejecting the plan.

Democrats who support the plan claim they’re doing it to promote diversity, but that’s just a cover. Everyone knows the Biden team is doing it over politics.

FOX News reports:

States rejecting Biden’s plan to shake up the Democratic primary calendar

President Biden’s dramatic plan to reshape the Democratic primary has landed with a thud so far, and has been rejected in states across the country by both Republican and Democratic state leaders.

The plan, proposed in December, aims to increase levels of diversity in the early primaries by making South Carolina the first primary state, giving it top billing over New Hampshire and Iowa. Democrats in the Palmetto State have rallied behind the plan, but bipartisan hesitation in Iowa and New Hampshire has complicated the possibility of the calendar applying to 2024.

More than 20 New Hampshire Democrat leaders urged Biden this year to alter his plan, which they warned could hurt their party’s performance in 2024, since they would be responsible for ending their state’s status as the first primary state. New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has vowed to spike any possible plan to move his state’s primary.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger acted in May to set the state’s primary for March 12 – a clear rebuttal of Biden’s calls to move that state’s primary up to February.

Iowa’s lawmakers have also attempted to undermine the president’s plan to delay their caucus.

The Legal Insurrection blog adds this:

Nevada Republicans don’t want to change the calendar. New Hampshire’s state law says it has to be the first primary state. If things change, Michigan might have “to cut the state legislative session short.”

For some reason, South Carolina Rep. Clyburn, the #3 Democrat in the House, has such a hold on the party. He only supported Biden because he promised to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court. He has to be behind this move.

Again, for Biden and his team, this is 100 percent about politics, contrary to any claims they make about diversity.

via thegatewaypundit

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