SICK and OUTAREGOUS: Radical Dem Katie Hobbs Went TOO Far With Schools

Katie Hobbs vetoed a new law making it illegal to film or facilitate sexually explicit acts in government buildings and classrooms months after a teacher in Arizona was fired for shooting a porno in her classroom and posting it to OnlyFans.

“No 12-year-old child should ever have to worry that their middle school desk was the location of a porn shoot, yet because of Hobbs’ actions, this is precisely the case,” said Arizona State Senator Jake Hoffman.

SB1696 passed through the House and Senate with Republican support. Radical left Democrats predictably voted against this measure.

Last November, a teacher was caught filming porn in her 8th-grade classroom and sharing it on OnlyFans and social media.

AZ Family reports,

LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A teacher at Thunderbolt Middle School is reportedly caught in a scandal — one that’s horrifying both parents and students.

“That was my friend’s daughter’s desk. And she is mortified over the situation like, ‘that is my desk.’ She has no care knowing students have seen her everything and on students’ desks,” said Thunderbolt mom, Kristina Minor.

The teacher has an online account where students found her pornographic content, which appears to be filmed in her 8th-grade classroom. “She was sharing these links to her sex site on her social media accounts, which are public, which children follow her,” said Minor.

The sick teacher reportedly used a photo from the school yearbook on her OnlyFans page.

Lake Havasu Unified School District said in a statement, “It has come to our attention that students have been airdropping explicit material. The images did not happen during the school day and the person depicted no longer works for LHUSD. Please remove all images from your child’s phone and talk with them about the appropriate use of technology.”

No criminal charges were filed against the individuals involved in making the sex tape, leaving parents disgusted and outraged.

Hobbs vetoed the bill banning porn shoots in classrooms and government buildings, calling it a “poor measure to address those concerns.” She also claimed, “it serves as little more than a thinly veiled effort to ban books.”

State Senator Jake Hoffman released the following statement, calling Hobbs’ actions “absolutely sickening.”

Hobbs Allows Pornography to be Filmed in Arizona’s K-12 Public School Classrooms

PHOENIX, ARIZONA- Senator Jake Hoffman is calling out Governor Hobbs for her outrageous veto of a bill that would have made it a crime to film pornography in any buildings funded by taxpayer dollars, including the classrooms of our K-12 public schools.

Seven months ago, local media reported two teachers in Mohave County were fired after students and parents found easily accessible pornographic material posted online, made by the couple, some of which was created in the very classroom one of those teachers was working in. Unfortunately, current state law does not establish this as an illegal practice.

SB 1696 (sexually explicit materials; government; prohibition) would have prohibited government property from being used as a site to film or facilitate sexually explicit acts and would have established a violation as a class 5 felony.

“Once again, Katie Hobbs is spotlighting Democrats’ far-left extremism by vetoing yet another bill intended to protect our children from exposure to sexually explicit materials at the hands of Arizona governments,” said Senator Hoffman. “It’s absolutely sickening that Katie Hobbs is allowing pornography to be filmed in our state’s taxpayer-funded classrooms. These should be safe spaces for our kids to learn in, not venues for the sexually explicit adult entertainment industry. No 12-year-old child should ever have to worry that their middle school desk was the location of a porn shoot, yet because of Hobbs’ actions, this is precisely the case. Hobbs should be ashamed of herself, and every parent in the state of Arizona should be outraged. This is a despicable use of government resources, and there should be legal repercussions in place to discourage these types of practices
from ever occurring again.”

via thegatewaypundit

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