‘Shrouded in secrecy’: LGBT ‘charity’ now target of criminal probe

A group in the United Kingdom that is called Mermaids promotes itself as a "charity" to support "transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children."

It now claims to be "empowering thousands of people with its secure online communities, local community groups, helpline services, web resources, events and residential weekends."

But apparently, not all is well inside the organization.

The United Kingdom's Charity Commission now has opened a "statutory inquiry" into the organization, "after identifying concerns about its governance and management."

The scandals that have hit Mermaids recently include a decision to force out its chief, Susie Green, who abruptly stood down without a replacement lined up, and the decision "shrouded in secrecy," according to the Daily Telegraph.

A whistleblower said the group was in "disarray" after Green's departure, who staff members had described as "incapable" of leadership.

Further, an internal audit charged the group failed to properly handle complaints of racism, safeguarding, and more.

The organization has been getting taxpayer funding and provides services such as training to National Health.

The report said, "While campaigners have long raised concerns about the group’s 'unfettered access to children' and support of gender-affirming healthcare, those inside it have never spoken out until now."

The report continued, "The regulator’s inquiries into safeguarding concerns began in September when a Telegraph investigation found it was agreeing to send potentially dangerous chest-binding devices to 14-year-olds against their parents’ wishes."

At that time, one member of the board of trustees was forced out, following revelations he spoke at a group that promotes pedophilia.

The Telegraph also confirmed it found evidence "that Mermaids’ online help center was offering advice to users who present themselves as young as 13 that controversial hormone-blocking drugs are safe and 'totally reversible.'"

The Charity Commission confirmed it has failed to obtain "necessary reassurance or [been] satisfied" that there has not been "serious systemic failing in the charity's governance and management."

"It is clear that Mermaids has been responsible for multiple safeguarding breaches – including encouraging children to harm their own bodies – which is why I called in Parliament for a criminal inquiry," explained Miriam Cates, a Tory MP.

"It is important to let the Commission get on with the investigation, but at the same time, we should urgently consider how Mermaids has for so long been allowed unfettered access to vulnerable children, been funded by taxpayer cash, and promoted by celebrities despite multiple warnings from whistleblowers. We must learn lessons from this failure of safeguarding."

The commission itself announced the investigation, and said it will "investigate the regulatory issues to determine whether they indicate serious systemic failures in the charity’s governance and management."

According to a report at the Christian Institute, "Mermaids has come under increasing scrutiny over recent months following a series of scandals. In October, Dr. Jacob Breslow resigned as a trustee of Mermaids after attention was brought to a paper he delivered in 2011 that attempted to normalize sexual acts with children. In the same month, it was also revealed the group employed a man who had posed for highly sexualized photographs and posted them online."

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