Senior Moment Alert: Lost-looking Biden Ignores Reporters While Press Is Shooed

President Joe Biden was quickly ushered away from reporters on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. when he was asked about the ongoing crisis his administration has created on the country’s southern border.
Scores of illegal immigrants are now crossing the border daily, many of them accompanied by minor children. While Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump, spent four years attempting to shore up the porous border, Biden and his handlers undid all of the work with a few ink pens strokes beginning on Jan. 20.
The situation is now chaotic and makes a mockery of American sovereignty.
Kids in “cages” are back, as are countless people — some of who, you’d assume are COVID-positive and labor or sex trafficking victims. The open border surely is also causing an influx of drugs, weapons and other contraband.
We simply can’t tell, as there is no transparency about anything.
The administration won’t publicly comment on the border quagmire, and Biden won’t face the Biden-friendly media. The American people are therefore in the dark about what is truly going on — minus what we hear from those living the nightmare. Some of those people have shared their stories in recent weeks.
The establishment media doesn’t deserve credit for doing its job, so it won’t get it here. But someone on Tuesday in the White House press pool did do their job, which is less than reprehensible. A reporter actually asked Biden if there is a “crisis” at the border as he partook in a lighthearted photo op with a hardware store employee in Washington, D.C, CNN reported.
The Daily Caller shared a video of the exchange on Twitter. It’s difficult to make out exactly what was said through all of the yelling, but a woman clearly asked Biden about the border.
What did his handlers do? They ushered him away as if he were in imminent danger, while he ignored the question.

The establishment media must really be growing tired of being kept away from its chosen candidate. These people worked around the clock for a year to drag Biden to the finish line, and now he won’t speak to them.
That frustration was visible last week during one of White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s media briefings.

“So we’re 45 days into the Biden presidency, and he has yet to hold a presser. At this point in past presidencies, every president, you know, from Reagan, had addressed reporters — some of them multiple times. So why the delay, and when can we expect the president to hold a press conference?” Psaki was asked.
Psaki didn’t offer much with regard to an answer, other than to deflect and promise a formal media briefing soon. She attempted to use Biden’s short answers — the ones he’s allowed to give in passing — as evidence that her boss engages with the media.
But her answer was actually so imprecise that it attracted a follow-up.
“Sure. Those [quick interactions], though, are not an ideal form for us to be asking questions. He can’t hear us half the time. We get, maybe, two questions, and then we’re shuffled out. So why hasn’t he answered questions from the press at this point? Is it just that he’s too busy?” the reporter same asked.
Psaki had nothing much to say. Biden rarely has anything to say. Whether that is his choice or another person’s directive, we simply don’t know. What we do know is that the president was asked a tough question on Tuesday and before he could think about answering it, he was shut down, as was the press pool.
Perhaps moments like this are why:

We don’t know exactly know who is running the country at this point, which is terrifying. If it is indeed Biden, he doesn’t have much to offer for people seeking answers to complex and growing issues. Nothing about rising fuel costs, job-killing regulations or a human crisis he’s creating at this very moment.
He either refuses to talk about it or he’s not allowed to talk about it.
In either event, our country is dealing with a full-fledged humanitarian crisis on the border with Mexico which could have been avoided. Not a single person within our government has any interest in acknowledging it, while Biden simply appears lost.
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