Sen. Ted Cruz: Media Hypocrisy on Display

The mainstream media tried to shame Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas for taking his daughter to Mexico, after shamelessly ignoring Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s deadly COVID-19 nursing home mandate for almost a year, Cruz lamented on Newsmax TV.
“It is amazing how the networks are obsessed about my 1-day trip with my family and yet can’t somehow seem to cover Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the really horrific policies that led to thousands of COVID deaths in New York state,” Cruz told Saturday’s “Dick Morris Democracy.” “You’ve got members of his administration now admitting they were lying to regulators about those policies.
“I think the news media has an interesting way of assessing what are the real crises facing the country.”
Cruz did issue a meal culpa of sorts for the optics of seeking to work remotely from Cancun, Mexico, as millions of Texans were left in the cold after winter storms and power grid failures.
“My plan had been to work remotely, as I’ve been doing, as we’ve all being doing for a long time in the age of COVID,” Cruz told host Dick Morris in an exclusive interview. “But I’ve got to tell you, even as I started flying out, I started having second thoughts about leaving, just because Texas is in crisis right now. A lot of Texans are hurting, and I think it’s important for me to be here physically.”
Now, Cruz is back in his home state of Texas, vowing to assist state leaders in finding answers for the massive power failures that plagued the state in a rare cold snap.
“I’ve got to tell you, a lot of Texans are pissed off how the energy of the world – that we think is the greatest state in the greatest country of the world – could lose power or not being to turn on our lights and our heat,” Cruz said. “I think there are serious questions that need to be answered so this doesn’t happen again.”
via newsmax

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