Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Children ‘Rented’ to Get Adults Across Border

Children are being “rented” to help adults get across the U.S. southern border and then returned to their families, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., told Newsmax TV on Monday after a recently completed a trip to the boundary with Mexico, accusing the Biden administration of “creating this crisis.”
“Most of the migrants that are coming now are young men,” Blackburn told “Stinchfield.” “You do have some that are coming with children. They are finding out that some of these children are being rented in order to help adults get across the border and then the children are having to be returned to their rightful families.”
Blackburn denounced President Joe Biden and the policies causing, as Customs and Border Protection statistics show, 100,000 illegal aliens attempting to enter the United States from Mexico in February. That was a nearly one-third jump from the previous month and a 3-fold increase from the same month last year.
She also decried the $86 million the Biden administration is planning to spend to house migrants in hotels, saying the amount will more than triple by summer.
“That number, by the time we get to June, is going to be $300 million,” Blackburn said. “This is because they cannot process these individuals. They have created this crisis. Joe Biden and his administration have created this crisis because they removed, they zeroed out by executive order, all of the Trump protections and protocols that were in place. That is why this is happening.
“This it the Biden immigration policy. This is Biden’s responsibility. He has caused this.”
via newsmax

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