Rockets Fired on Kabul Airport; C-RAM Reported Activated to Intercept Attack

Three rockets were report fired from a car in downtown Kabul targeting the airport Monday morning local time. The U.S. military reportedly activated the C-RAM defensive system and intercepted the rockets (however first reports can be wrong). The car that allegedly launched the attack was seen engulfed in flames.
Other areas near the airport were seen with dark clouds from the attack/intercepts.
Photos and video – The media claims it was a Daesh-ISIS-K attack:
“#BREAKING: #Daesh/#ISIL-K just carried-out another unsuccessful rocket attack at #Kabul airport. Three rockets were fired which all hit civilian areas around the airport resulting in injuries among civilians.”

“Confirmed unsuccessful rocket attack by (likely ISKP) terrorists against #Kabul airport. At least 3 Rockets fell short of the airport. Some reports of C-RAM intercepting one of the rockets.”

UPDATE: A U.S. official confirmed the attack, no word on any damage yet, “As many as five rockets were fired toward Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul this evening (sic), a U.S. official tells ABC News.”

via thegatewaypundit

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