RNC’s McDaniel to Newsmax: Ukraine Is Paying for Biden’s Weakness

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel on Monday on slammed President Joe Biden's call for a war crimes trial against Russian President Vladimir Putin after reports of atrocities in Ukraine as "the same old rhetoric," from "a weak president," and said Ukraine is paying the price for Biden's actions.

She made the comments on Newsmax.

"Joe Biden's weakness gave Putin this opening with Ukraine," McDaniel said on Newsmax's "National Report." "He let Putin put these soldiers around Ukraine. He did nothing. He did sanctions only after the attack."

Biden’s comments Monday come after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's visit to Bucha, a town near Kyiv where Ukrainian officials say the bodies of civilians have been found.

But McDaniel, pointing to the United States' "terrible withdrawal" from Afghanistan last year, said Biden is a "weak president who has failed us on an international front."

"It's not a surprise, but unfortunately people of Ukraine are paying for it," McDaniel said.

She also spoke out about comments made by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain this weekend, who told ABC News' "This Week" that Biden is confident that his son, Hunter, broke no laws, but the decision will need to go through the legal process and the White House is not involved.

"We know that there are emails that refer to the 'big guy,' " said McDaniel. "We know that there is a lot of investigation that still needs to take place from this laptop. We're hoping that we get to the bottom of it."

Meanwhile, the media suppressed the story about the younger Biden's laptop and its contents before the 2020 presidential election, said McDaniel.

"They kept the American people from having personal information about the president's son monetizing his relationship with the vice president, and it is a real problem in this country that we have a media that's willing to stand in front of Joe Biden and prevent real difficult answers from being answered, and they're continuing to do so," she said. "Finally, we're getting to the bottom of this."

Now, McDaniel said, the mainstream media is being "forced to" report on Hunter Biden, but it is "really a crime what they've done."

"The New York Times and The Washington Post had it wrong, and The New York Post had it right," she added. "We need to get to the bottom of Hunter Biden and what Joe Biden knew, and if this is still continuing."

via newsmax

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