Report reveals U.S. support for “extremely dangerous’ biolab in Sudan

A biolab that contains multiple disease pathogens offering a serious threat to populations has been seized by soldiers involved in what more or less is a civil war in Sudan, according to the World Health Organization.

A Business Insider report explained WHO official Nima Saeed Abid confirmed lab technicians could not access the National Public Health Laboratory after it was taken over by militants.

Citing the presence of “polio isolates,” “measles isolates” and “cholera isolates,” he warned that the situation is “extremely dangerous.”

Now a report at reveals the lab was funded in part by U.S. government cash, much like the “gain-of-function” work done at the Wuhan, China, lab from which COVID-19 apparently escaped.

The report explained the nation’s “Public Health Laboratory” got funding and personnel support from the Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health agency.

Fauci is Joe Biden’s former COVID adviser. He also headed the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, and has been harshly criticized for repeatedly changing his advice regarding COVID. Many blame him in large part for the economic catastrophe created for American businesses by the many shutdown orders during the pandemic that killed millions around the world.

The report said a pamphlet from the CDC about its operations in south Sudan, from 2022, “reveals the extent of the government agency’s involvement in the country.”

It explains, “In May 2018, CDC supported establishment of the first viral load monitoring facility at South Sudan’s National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL).”

The documentation about the American financial involvement there continues, “Since 2006, CDC has partnered with the Global Fund to support South Sudan’s NPHL by strengthening laboratory infrastructure, staffing, and technical capacity. With technical support from CDC, the Ministry of Health developed and released consolidated national HIV treatment guidelines and five laboratory manuals and standard operating procedures for NPHL staff and HIV/AIDS program staff.”

The report further explained that a 2022 research paper, “Viral load scale-up in South Sudan: Strategic implementation of tools to monitor HIV treatment success among people living with HIV,” charged that financial support from the CDC through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief was being used.

“The … grants all come from the NIAID during Fauci’s tenure and totals over 20 million dollars,” the report said.

via unsilencednews

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