Report: Number of Kids at Border in First 20 Days of March Exceeds February Data

. . .It looks like the crisis is running well ahead of schedule, as more than 11,000 illegal immigrant children were detained by Border Patrol in the first three weeks of March alone, easily exceeding the total from the entirety of February. CNN reports:
The US Border Patrol has detained more than 11,000 unaccompanied migrant children between February 28 to March 20, according to preliminary government data reviewed by CNN, already eclipsing the number of minors apprehended in the full month of February. In recent weeks, the number of encounters of children crossing the US-Mexico border alone has continued to climb, overwhelming the government’s resources that had already been under strain because of the coronavirus pandemic. In all of February, Border Patrol apprehended nearly 9,300 unaccompanied children at the US southern border, up from around 5,600 in January.
Quite the trajectory. The number was less than 800 last April. It began to tick up over the course of several months, then started to increase more sharply as President Trump’s term came to an end. Once Biden became president, the problem has exploded. From 5,600 during inauguration month, to 9,300 in the shortest month of the year, to well over 11,000 (with a week still left to go) in March.
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