Rep. Michael Burgess: Biden ‘Lost the Will’ to Enforce Laws

President Joe Biden has handed operational control of the southern border to the Mexican drug cartels, showing no “will” to enforce immigration laws, Republican Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas said Thursday night on Newsmax TV.
“The problem right now is the administration has lost the will to enforce the law at the border,” Burgess said on “Stinchfield,” which has been offering up a weeklong series on the Biden-era border and the surge of immigrants arriving there.
“You’ve repeatedly shown stories; this is what a lawless border looks like.”
The lack of national security will ultimately be felt throughout America, and not just among those suffering along the border from Texas to Southern California, Burgess added in his interview with host Grant Stinchfield.
“Now, it is only a matter of time before U.S. citizens are drawn into this,” he continued. “The operational control of the border right now is not a feature of the United States government. It is controlled by the cartels.”
According to some reports, Mexican cartels have used human trafficking following Biden’s reversal of several Trump-era border restrictions to smuggle humans and drugs across the border.
“The cartels have medieval levels of cruelty in their business plan, so this is not a benign occurrence that is happening,” Burgess added. “It is a clear and present danger.”
What’s the answer for President Joe Biden? Burgess said it’s to redo what former President Donald Trump had done to cut into mass migration.
“President Biden knows what to do: Reinstitute the Remain-in-Mexico program that President Trump had; enforce the Title 42 from the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] that allows keeping migrants in Mexico before they come to this country to be sure that they don’t have a contagious disease,” Burgess said.
“Do that for children as well as adults, and yes, this problem could be quickly curtailed. But if you don’t send a clear, quick message — ‘Don’t spend the money; don’t come; you’re not getting in; it’s not a free pass’ — that’s what’s going to be required to curtail this.”
Burgess said there’s a lack of concern among Democrats about securing the border and enforcing existing immigration laws, particularly with respect to the continued destabilizing of Central American countries like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.
“It should not be the United States policy to depopulate Central America of its future working class,” Burgess concluded. “That’s morally reprehensible.”
via newsmax

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