Rep. Chip Roy Wants Biden, Mayorkas Impeached Over Border Crisis

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, told Newsmax on Tuesday that President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached for not doing their constitutional duty to protect the country amid the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

”Over the past several months, President Biden and Sec. Mayorkas have blatantly and consistently refused to do their constitutional duty to take care that the immigration laws be faithfully executed, as required by Article II, endangering countless American and foreign lives in the process,” Roy said in a statement to Newsmax.

On Monday, Roy responded to a post on Twitter by radio show host Jesse Kelly that called for Biden’s impeachment for allowing the surge of immigrants across the border.

”What Joe Biden is doing at our border is impeachable,” Kelly’s post on Twitter said. ”It’s more impeachable than Watergate. This is an attack on the sovereignty of America and it’s coming from the Oval Office. Republicans should move to impeach after 2022.”

Roy, who represents the 21st District including much of Austin and the area north of San Antonio, responded to the tweet by saying, ”Co-sponsor #ImpeachBiden #ImpeachMayorkas.”

In a series of tweets, Roy also included numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection that said the agency had 205,029 encounters with migrants in July with 37,400 ”Got Aways” and 1.3 million encounters so far this year, with July accounting for the largest number of encounters since 2000.

He also said that agents confiscated more than 8,500 pounds of fentanyl in the first nine months of fiscal 2021, a 234% increase over the previous fiscal year ending in October.

”It’s enough to kill everyone in America five times over, (since 2mg can be fatal),” he said in the tweet.

Roy appeared Monday night on Newsmax’s ”Cortes & Pellegrino” and said the Biden administration’s response to the surge at the border has led to ”historical immigration numbers that are overwhelming the Border Patrol.

”Now you’ve got this crisis going on at the border, which is endangering Texans, endangering ranchers, endangering our country with opioids flowing in, and cartels having operational control. You’ve got thousands of immigrants who are in these horrible conditions and are risking their lives and are being abused by cartels,” Roy said. ”When we get back in power, we ought to impeach Mayorkas, we ought to consider impeaching President Biden. They are not faithfully executing the laws of the United States. They are doing it purposefully. They are endangering Americans. It’s enough. The American people have had it, the Texans have had it, and they can all just go to hell.”

He said that the United States is experiencing such a crisis at the border that it should consider closing the ports of entry to send a signal to the rest of the world.

”I think we’re getting to a point right now where we ought to consider just shutting down the ports of entry, to send a loud signal to the United States that we’re not going to deal with this anymore. I think we need to go put our own manpower down at the border,” he said. ”I want the attorney general of the United States to come down to Texas, look me in the face, and tell me he’s going to do something to stop Texans from securing our border. It’s time. We need to do it ourselves.”

via realconservativesunite

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