Rep. Byron Donalds said he was suddenly DUMPED by Chris Cuomo after..

Byron Donalds announced tonight just after 8:30pm that he would be Chris Cuomo, saying it would be a ‘don’t miss interview’:

I’m sure that would have been a great interview, but Donalds announced at 9:42 that he had been dumped by Cuomo and replaced by Adam Schiff of all people:

Oh man is he ever right about being much better for ratings than that Russian Collusion weasel pencil-neck Schiff. What is Cuomo thinking?
Without knowing, I’m betting that he got major pushback from Democrats and the mob for scheduling this interview and he probably caved.
As I’m writing this post, Donalds just tweeted out that he’d be on Laura Ingraham soon:

Fox News totally gets the ratings deal, which is why the are killing CNN right now in all categories.
via therightscoop

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