Questions the Media Should Ask Biden About His Call for Economic Sanctions on GA

Given that the United States President has, for the first time in American history, called for an economic boycott and economic sanctions of a member state over dutifully and legally passed legislation, a reader passed along questions he’d like to see the White House press ask of the administration they claim to cover. The questions refer to President Joe Biden’s call for an economic boycott of Georgia over its decision to pass SB202, which will put into place mild election integrity reforms.
Q: Seeing that over the past year, almost 50 percent of small, black-owned business in America have closed for good and seeing how African Americans make up 55 percent of Atlanta, 54 percent of Savannah, and 55 percent of Augusta (where The Masters is played), does President Biden still think calling for an economic boycott and punishment by private companies on all Georgia citizens is a good idea? And will he now call for boycotts of The Masters, the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Hawks along with UGA & GA Tech. football? Why or why not?
Q: Does President Biden keep a list of other pieces of state and local legislation of which he does not approve? And over the next few years, if any of that legislation happens to pass and is signed into law, will he always publicly call for an economic boycott/sanctions by private companies so he may punish the local population for what he personally decides are their errors?
Q: Moving forward, should state and local municipalities brief and ask for approval by President Biden on legislation they are considering, so they may avoid the President of the United States actively pressing and pushing for an economic boycott/sanctions from private companies that would hurt the entire local population?
via joemiller

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