Criminal Probe Progress: Biden’s Interview

Prosecutors in the criminal investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified information are reportedly negotiating with his attorneys over the terms that he will be interviewed under.

NBC News reported that Special Counsel Robert Hur, who served in the Trump administration, is in the process of nailing down when, where, and how the interview will take place, and how expansive the questions will be.

The criminal investigation into Biden, which has taken a backseat in the media to his son’s and former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles, began back in January when classified information dating back to when Biden was a U.S. Senator was discovered at multiple locations connected to him.

Typically, when prosecutors begin pressing to interview the person at the center of an investigation, it signals that the probe is reaching its final stages.

The latest development in the criminal investigation into President Biden was overshadowed on Friday by the news that the U.S. attorney investigating his son, Hunter Biden, has been appointed “special counsel” in that investigation.

via joemiller

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