President Harris? Kamala Discussed 25th Amendment After Refusing to Stand With Biden

VP Kamala Harris discussed invoking the 25th Amendment against Joe Biden after refusing to stand with him during his address to America over his bungled pullout of Afghanistan, according to reports.

Sources inside the White House told Human Events editor Jack Posobiec that Harris had been avoiding doing a presser on Afghanistan on Sunday, and wouldn’t stand next to Biden while he delivered a humiliating 10-minute speech on Monday.

After Biden’s tepid speech blaming Trump and the Afghan Army for the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, Harris then reportedly broached invoking the 25th Amendment, which would allow the removal of Biden from office if his Cabinet declared him unfit to serve.


Kamala Harris Vanishes From Public View as Afghanistan Crisis Engulfs the White House

Vice President Kamala Harris vanished from public view for five days as President Joe Biden and his administration tackled their worst foreign policy blunder to date.

Her last solo public appearance was on August 12, as she met with business leaders to discuss the importance of childcare and paid leave benefits.

Harris last appeared publicly with President Joe Biden on August 10 as they celebrated the president’s proposed infrastructure deal passing the Senate with a bipartisan majority.

The vice president was spotted in a photo released by the White House over the weekend showing President Biden attending a video conference from Camp David with Harris and other administration officials.

Officialy, Harris was expected to remain in Washington, DC, during the August recess. But she has completely vanished from public view.

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