President Biden Criticizes Putin Once Again – See Joe’s Remarks

Following Russian President Putin's comments that peace talks with Ukraine are at a "dead end," and denied accusations being responsible for attacks in Mariupol and Bucha, US President Biden took to the stage this afternoon - to explain how he will fix the problem of "Putin's Price Hike" (which is still not trending). However, it appears the 79 year old veered off script once again with the following comment...

"Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away."

Last month, Biden accused Putin of being a "war criminal," but this is the first time he has described the situation as a "genocide" – a term Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has used to describe the situation.

He previously called Putin a "butcher" and called for his removal, saying that "he cannot remain in power," implicitly calling for regime change.

But that was immediately walked back by his handlers...

But unlike that slip, he is not walking it back, but doubling down, telling reporters this evening that:

"Yes, I called it genocide. Because it has become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of being able to be Ukrainian."

He went to say that "the evidence is mounting, it's no different than it was last week, the more evidence that is coming out of, literally the horrible things that the Russians have done in Ukraine and we're gonna only learn more and more about the devastation."

Of course, words matter - just like they did when he called for Putin's removal - but this time he appears to want to do things legally:

"And we'll let the lawyers decide internationally whether or not it qualifies but it sure seems that way to me."

Not exactly 'diplomatic'.

via zerohedge

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