Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating on Every Major Issue Has Dropped Significantly

As critics accuse him of bumbling, President Joe Biden’s support keeps tumbling.

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows Biden losing ground on a number of issues from Afghanistan to the coronavirus.

In March, 72 percent of those surveyed in an ABC/Ipsos poll supported Biden’s handling of COVID-19. That has now tumbled to 57 percent.

Biden’s handling to the economic recovery won the approval of 60 percent of poll respondents in March, but after months of being hammered by the impacts of inflation that has become a hallmark of his presidency, only 51 percent if Americans feel that way, according to the poll.

Americans who know how badly roads and bridges need repair handed Biden a 62 percent approval rating in August on the issue of infrastructure repair.

But a month later, with a bill to fix what’s broken held hostage to a massive budget-busting bill that funds a vast array of social programs, Biden’s approval rating fell 7 percentage points.

Other polls have also showed declines.

In July, when Biden said the time had come to pull American troops out of Afghanistan, 55 percent of those polled said they approved of his policy, according to the ABC News/Ipsos poll.

Two months later, after a botched withdrawal that left Americans behind and included the deaths of 13 service members in a terrorist attack, his approval on the issue has plummeted to 38 percent, the poll showed.

At home, Biden’s numbers aren’t much better.

On his handling of crime, only 43 percent approve of how Biden is handling the job.

On immigration, support for Biden is now 33 percent, which means that if the poll is representative of the nation as a whole, only one-third of it supports Biden’s embrace of illegal immigration, according to the ABC News/Ipsos poll. The deluge of bad news from the southern bordern is apparently having an impact.

Although all polls show a stark partisan divide, the ABC/Ipsos polling has noted that on the issues of crime, gun violence, Afghanistan, and the border crisis, only about a third of independent voters think Biden is doing a good job.

In fact, in assessing the overall results of the polls, its authors say Biden’s “decline is mainly driven by a decrease in support from independents.”

According to Ipsos, the poll surveyed 1,101 adults, recruited to reflect the population, who participated via an online process from Sept. 24 to Sept. 28. For the entire panel, the margin of error was 3.7 percent.

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