Police Shoot and Kill Gunman at Texas Summer Camp Who Fired into Locked Classroom

Police in Duncanville, Texas responded rapidly to 911 calls of an armed man and shots fired at the Duncanville Fieldhouse summer camp Monday morning, shooting and killing the man in an exchange of gunfire in the gymnasium. No children, staff or police were injured even though the gunman is reported to have fired at least one shot into a locked classroom that he tried and failed to gain entry. About 150 children are reported to be attending the camp.

Video of police briefing:

WFAA-TV reporter Matt Howerton live tweeted the latest briefing on the incident. Apparently the gunman has not been named yet.

HAPPENING NOW: Duncanville PD giving update about armed man entering field house with roughly 200+ children this morning. Ages 4-14. Says suspect fired shots inside. Was killed once officers entered and confronted him in gym. No one else injured…Suspect entered through main doors—that’s where he was approached by a staff member. Initial shot was fired at this point per police. Staff then barricaded themselves. Suspect fired an additional shot into a locked classroom after trying to enter—but no children were hit…Police say it’s unknown how many shots were fired by gunman once he was confronted by police. There was an exchange of gunfire at that point. Motive unknown right now. Police not saying suspect’s name or what relation he has to the field house or possibly anyone inside…Texas Rangers taking over investigation—which is protocol. Unknown how many officers opened fire but department says they did their job today—considering the climate of shootings in America as of late.”

Report by KTVT-TV:

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