Photos Show Migrants in Mexico Flying ‘Biden for President 2020’ Flag

How has President Joe Biden evaded responsibility for this crisis?
As the president’s migrant crisis continues to damage American communities along the border, some awaiting entry in a camp outside of Tijuana, Mexico, has been photographed flying Biden’s 2020 campaign flag, according to Breitbart News.

Multiple photos were taken by Guillermo Arias, a Tijuana-based photojournalist, that showcased a migrant outside El Chaparral, an entry point on the U.S.-Mexico border connecting San Diego and Tijuana, waving a “Biden for President 2020” flag, a telling sign of presumed acceptance of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from Biden.
The photos come alongside other evidence proving the president is responsible for the current evolving immigration crisis on the southern border. One illegal immigrant told an ABC News reporter that, had Trump been president, he “definitely” would not have attempted to cross the border, and when pushed, explained he had come because of Biden’s presidency.
“Basically. Basically. The main thing was the violence in my country,” the man told ABC News correspondent Marth Raddatz. “And the second thing I think was Joe Biden. You know, it’s like it lightened up my hope, you know what I mean?”
And yet, despite the obvious, the president refuses accountability.
Instead, while his administration allows border patrol to be stormed by cartels and dumps COVID-positive illegal aliens into border communities by the busload, Biden has attempted to play both sides of the political aisle. In interviews with resident cheerleaders like George Stephanopoulos, the president tells immigrants, seemingly quite clearly, “don’t come.”

Meanwhile, orders like Proclamation 10142, which ended the emergency former President Donald Trump declared on the southern border and halted construction of the wall, not only damaged the safety and security of American border communities and spread local law enforcement far too thin, but it essentially invites illegal immigrants into the country, regardless of whether they come through a miles-wide hole in the border or on a bus to Brownsville, Texas.
Even as one of the largest spikes in immigration history emerges, the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the crisis exists.
Customs and Border Protection reported that they had over 100,441 enforcement encounters with migrants crossing the southern border illegally in February alone, up 28 percent from January’s 78,442 encounters. The Biden administration, though, clearly sees no issue as it has not even attempted to reinforce border security personnel.
Instead, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced two weeks ago that his department would continue to prop up migrant processing centers, and would continue to cram unaccompanied minors into the DHS’ already-overflowing facilities while border patrol struggles to maintain its hold on the more than 13,000 migrant children in their custody.
A new “catch-and-release” program beginning implementation by the president will also serve to harm border communities in the future. Randy Clark, a veteran CBP official who spoke with Breitbart News on Sunday, said migrant families would be allowed to travel the country without a Notice to Appear, and wouldn’t be prosecuted for missing their court date. According to the official, “this plan will likely backfire.”
Biden’s current message to illegal immigrants, unsurprisingly, isn’t even consistent with his 2019 platform. In fact, in a 2019 primary debate, Biden uttered quite literally the exact opposite sentiment.
Biden told the debate’s moderator, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, that immigrants in fact “should come” if they’re “fleeing oppression.”
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki scrambled to defend the president’s comment Monday, claiming context was ignored while pushing blame onto the previous administration.
Nonetheless, it’s evident how much the Biden administration as well as Biden himself have truly wavered on the issue of immigration. Rather than respond to the crisis in a clear and concise fashion, both parties have elected to simply ignore the disaster the president created and deny wrongdoing of any kind.
The fact is this: Biden is responsible for the border crisis. No matter how much he attempts to avoid responsibility and present empty words to the mainstream media, it’s been made clear by those who are coming over the border themselves that the current president was important in their decision to come. Now, Biden has to respond.
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