Pervert Who Masturbated on Zoom is CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst Again

Jeffrey Toobin returned to CNN on Thursday afternoon and admitted that masturbating during a Zoom call — which got him fired from the New Yorker and led to a leave of absence from the network — was “deeply moronic and indefensible.”
“I feel like we should address what’s happened in the months since we’ve seen you,” CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota said to Toobin, who was the network’s chief legal analyst. . .
Toobin, sporting a navy blue suit and a striped tie, responded by saying the masturbatory conduct was “deeply moronic and indefensible.” . . .
The network’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter reported that Toobin had asked CNN for some time off to deal “with a personal issue,” which the network granted. That time off then turned into a leave of absence that evidently ended eight months later on Thursday.
Citing a CNN spokesperson, Stelter reported Toobin will be back on CNN regularly as a chief legal analyst, despite the flagrant misconduct he exhibited at the New Yorker.
via joemiller

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