PAYBACK: NY Congressman Files Resolution Against Dem Rep. (VIDEO)

Congressman George Santos (R-NY) on Thursday filed a resolution to expel Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) for pulling a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building to delay a Congressional Proceeding.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Bowman’s successful efforts to obstruct an official government proceeding in late September “as he was rushing to make an urgent vote,” according to a spokesperson. Bowman was caught pulling the fire alarm in the Cannon Building to shut down Congress and prevent a critical vote to keep the government open.

While he claims this was just an accident, and he just got confused, it indeed looks like he was trying to delay a vote for the continuing resolution that was on the House Floor so he could vote to postpone the budget deadline. What high school principal doesn’t know how a fire alarm works? Not a very safe one.

Capitol Police evacuated the building as a result of his apparent incompetence, and Bowman was only convicted of a misdemeanor for obstructing a Congressional proceeding. He was ordered to pay just $1,000 in fines, serve three months probation before charges are dismissed, and write a letter of apology to Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger. Meanwhile, January 6 defendants are still rotting in the gulags for walking into the Capitol — escorted by police!

Last Wednesday, the House Ethics Committee voted against opening an investigation into Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman after they went after Rep. George Santos. Now, the RINOs and Democrats are trying to expel the New York Republican from Congress. However, Santos is not backing down.

Punch Bowl News founder Jake Sherman broke the news of Santos’ resolution to expel Bowman on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Slate reports,

In what could be the dwindling hours of George Santos’ tenure as a member of Congress, the Republican decided to make a little commotion on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and hold a press conference. Santos reaffirmed he would not be resigning ahead of a vote tomorrow about whether the House should expel him; in fact, he would be filing an expulsion resolution of his own against a fellow lawmaker.

Standing proud and defiant, Santos told a group of reporters Thursday morning that he would be introducing a privileged resolution to expel Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman because Bowman pulled a fire alarm in a Congressional office building back in September during government funding bill talks. (Bowman was charged with a misdemeanor and pleaded guilty, and will have to pay a fine and serve three months’ probation.) The House Ethics Committee voted not to investigate Bowman over the incident—it’s evenly split between Republicans and Democrats—which just doesn’t sit well with Santos.

“Now, had that been any other person, one of the members of the media, a Republican member of Congress, we all know that that person would have been charged with obstructing a Congressional hearing,” Santos said without evidence.

Santos slammed Bowman and the double standards in Congress Thursday morning as he announced that he would file a “privileged motion for expulsion of convicted and guilty-pleaded Congressman Jamaal Bowman.” He continued, “If the House wants to start a different precedent and expel me, that is going to be the undoing of a lot of members of this body because this will haunt them in the future where mere allegations are sufficient to have members removed from office when duly elected by their people in their respective states and districts.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Santos gave a “pen and pad” press conference Thursday afternoon, where he spoke out against the RINOs and Democrats who are trying to expel him a third time and shared insight on his future plans if expelled.

Rep. Santos echoed similar remarks in the afternoon, telling reporters, “Now, you no longer have to be convicted. So, long as there are enough allegations, there is enough precedent now to expel other members.” When asked by The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson whether Republicans will take advantage of this precedent, Santos replied, “They don’t have the testicular fortitude. I wish they did, but they don’t.” He then asked the group of reporters, “Why hasn’t it been done before?”

Santos noted that he had called multiple people, and there was only one person willing to bring an expulsion resolution against Bowman. The feckless Republicans will eat their own before standing up to Democrats.

Watch Santos introduce the resolution on the House Floor below:

Santos: I rise to give notice of my intention to raise a question of the privileges of the House. The form of the resolution is as follows. In the matter of Rep. Jamaal Bowman from New York:

Whereas, Representative Jamaal Bowman is a member of the United States House of Representatives;

Whereas, on September 30, 2023, Representative Jamaal Bowman knowingly and willingly gave a false fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building;

Whereas, on October 26 2023, Representative Jamaal Bowman pleaded guilty to one count of falsely pulling the alarm;

And whereas, Representative Jamal Bowman’s actions caused the closing of the Cannon House Office Building and resulted in the disruption of an official proceeding in the Congress;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that pursuant to Article One Section Five, Clause Two of the Constitution of the United States, Representative Jamaal Bowman hereby is expelled from the House of Representatives.

via thegatewaypundit

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