DEM State: Unlabeled Meds For Kids, NO Parental Consent, Serious Side Effects

Fairfield, Maine – A federally-funded high school clinic in Maine handed a girl potentially dangerous anti-depressant pills without her father’s knowledge or consent. Then they called child protective services on her father after he protested.

As the Maine Wire reported Thursday, Eric Sack, the girl’s father, noticed last weekend his 17-year-old daughter had a baggy of Zoloft pills. Zoloft is a prescription drug designed to treat mood and anxiety disorders. It can produce serious side effects including an increase in suicidal thoughts, bleeding, seizures, and hallucinations.

Sack’s daughter explained to him the Bulldog Health Center, a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) at Lawrence High School, gave her the pills. As the Maine Wire notes, The Bulldog Health Center receives funding from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) under the Health Center Program.

HRSA is a sub-agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. So federal taxpayers' dollars were used to potentially endanger this innocent girl’s health.

Sack not only rightfully saw the pills as an infringement on his parental rights, but also noticed the drugs were unlabeled and had no child-resistant container. Thus, his two younger children had easy access to the potentially dangerous anti-depressant.

The father decided to contact Lawrence High School Principal Dan Bowers to protest, but the principal claimed he had no control over the Bulldog Health Center and would do absolutely nothing to help.

Representatives from the Bulldog Health Center boasted to Sack that they were allowed to give his daughter prescription drugs without telling him. They also refused to say a word about why the drug was unlabeled nor why there was not a safety container.

Sack then pulled his daughter from Lawrence High School to make her appointments with a doctor and a therapist. Someone at the school responded by snitching to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Child and Family Services, which the Maine Wire notes is the division of state government tasked with investigating allegations of child abuse.

What happened next was a terrifying experience for the Sack family. The Maine Wire reports:

On Thursday, an agent from Child Protective Services (CPS) called Sack and informed him that he would be arriving shortly to make a surprise visit to his home to conduct a child welfare investigation.

“They called and said it was an emergency situation at my house, that I was pretty near holding my daughter hostage, is what the gentleman that came yesterday told me,” Sack said.

“He had information that only the school and Bulldog Health Center had,” he said.

For three hours, CPS Agent Dylan Wood-grilled Sack and his family individually and as a group, including asking questions about Sack’s firearms and where he keeps them.

Yes, the school representative lied to the CPS that Sack had essentially kidnapped his own daughter because he dared to exercise his rights as a parent. They wanted to continue using the girl as a guinea pig even if it meant Sack losing her completely.

The agent eventually indicated to Sack that the complaint was without merit.

Sack said he would be speaking with attorneys to determine what legal recourse he could take against the school.

“You can’t just give my daughter pills in a ziplock baggie and send them home.

NOTE: Eric Sack declined to comment on this story after The Gateway Pundit reached out to him.

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