OUTRAGE! DEM Gov IGNORED Sexual Harassment Complaints

Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania is facing bipartisan criticism for his handling of a sexual harassment complaint against a member of his cabinet, who resigned abruptly on Sept. 27, according to multiple reports.
Mike Vereb, who served as the secretary of Legislative Affairs in the Shapiro administration, resigned after he was accused of sexual harassment by a woman working in the governor’s office at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.After the details of the case were released to the public, Shapiro has faced criticism from state legislators for his handling of the situation, the Inquirer reported.

“The details of the sexual harassment complaint filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission against Gov. Shapiro’s Office are appalling. Despite this being a personnel matter, the Governor’s office has offered official comments and conflicting information on the issue,” said Republican Senate President pro tempore Kim Ward in a statement provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation by the Republican State Leadership Committee.

“This not only raises concerns related to their workplace practices, but also whether this matter has influenced our current unfinished budget situation, and how taxpayer funds are supporting this issue,” Ward added.

Copies of the woman’s complaint about Vereb have been released privately to legislators in Harrisburg, according to the Inquirer, an contain details about his alleged conduct.

“Go close the door to this office, tell me to bend you over this conference table, hike your skirt up,” Vereb allegedly told the woman, according to the complaint as reported by the Inquirer.

“I was physically shaking in my office … I was fearful and was not sleeping well,” the woman’s complaint read.

The woman, who declined Vereb’s advances, was later called into a meeting with the human resources department of the governor’s office, where she was told she was performing poorly at her job, which she claimed was retaliation by Vereb for her refusals, the Inquirer reported.

Following the news of Vereb’s resignation, Shapiro did not immediately issue a statement about the matter and departed Pennsylvania for New Hampshire to campaign with President Joe Biden, leading some to question whether he responded properly or allegedly tried to protect Vereb, who has been a longtime adviser to Shapiro during his political career.

“The alleged offender remained in his influential role until he tendered his resignation leaving the victim in an unsafe space, to fend for herself, with limited options. This is unacceptable,” Ward wrote.

On Wednesday, Shapiro held a closed-door meeting with women Democratic state senators, according to the Inquirer, to discuss the allegations, from which some members emerged “visibly frustrated.”

“[I have] unanswered questions about the process that was followed once the victim came forward,” said Democratic state Sen. Lindsay Williams of Allegheny to the Inquirer.

Shapiro’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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