OUCH! State of the Union BACKFIRES for Biden

“This version of Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump,” the first line of a CNN commentary read, the day after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

“And in the most important moment of the 2024 election campaign so far, Biden appeared to succeed,” columnist Stephen Collinson rejoiced. “He projected vigor and forcefulness. His voice, which has seemed reedy at times, was sonorant. …”

“Biden was a trenchant master of the chamber of the House of Representatives, effectively wielding the theatrics of the presidency and commanding an hour of unfiltered primetime television.”

Other pundits on CNN and MSNBC echoed similar sentiments, each seeming to vie for more venerative ways to describe the aging president’s performance.

Collinson and the other Biden sycophants may have finally stopped holding their collective breaths after Biden made it through the speech without falling down or forgetting the name of a major world leader—aalthough he did butcher the name of murdered Georgia student Laken Riley—bbut the rest of the American people do not seem to have taken much notice.

Biden’s widely praised State of the Union address appears to have had little impact on his standing with American voters, according to new Yahoo News/YouGov and FiveThirty Eight polls conducted in the days after his speech. Instead of the typical minor surge of support presidents often see after a nationally televised speech to Congress, Biden has seen his numbers stall or even tick downward in some polls.

The Yahoo News/YouGov survey of 1,482 U.S. adults found no improvement in Biden’s job approval rating or in his positioning against former President Donald Trump. Before the speech, Biden trailed Trump by one point among registered voters, 44 percent to Trump’s 45 percent. The new poll shows little change, with Trump at 46 percent and Biden at 44 percent.

Biden’s speech also did nothing to address persistent concerns about his age and stamina. Just 29 percent said Biden is fit for another term, unchanged from January. A majority of 51 percent still view his age as a “big problem” affecting his fitness for office.

Among Democrats, there were few signs of an enthusiasm boost either. Democratic approval of Biden and views of him as the best nominee both declined slightly from the previous poll in January. Doubts about Biden’s electability also ticked up, with just 65 percent of Democrats now saying he has the best chance of winning in November compared to 76 percent earlier.

The poll found the public was split down the middle in evaluating the speech, even though slightly more Democrats viewed the address than Republicans. Among those who watched or followed the speech, equal shares approved and disapproved of the address. The same divide was seen in whether they agreed with what Biden said.

With the exception of abortion, on most of the specific issues like inflation, immigration, and the economy, those exposed to the speech mostly disagreed with Biden’s statements – suggesting his rhetoric did little to sway opinions.

Rather than attempt to bring the country together with an uplifting speech and a vision for overcoming our numerous challenges, Biden instead opted for a crass political diatribe, lobbing partisan bombs.

It turns out, despite what the pundits at Biden-boosting networks like CNN and MSNBC may think, screaming about your opponent for half of your speech and worrying about other nations rather than your own for a good part of the other half is not the recipe for success.

Also, there’s a difference between looking strong and looking amped-up and frenzied.

Biden’s frenetic, primetime rant last week only served as a contrast to how he normally behaves.

One day later, he was back to the incoherent, confused man we all have come to recognize as president of the United States.

The pundits may not be able to tell the difference, but clearly, the American people can.

via westernjournal

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