One issue outranks inflation, economy, immigration as biggest problem

Ronald Reagan is credited with the famous quote warning that "the most terrifying words in the English language" are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

Now a new poll shows it is that very government, the one that is supposed to represent and protect the people of America, that is considered the biggest problem in America.

Gallup reports that "More Americans name the government as the nation’s top problem in Gallup’s latest poll, which encompassed the rocky start of the 118th Congress’ term."

The polling company continued, "With high prices persisting, inflation remains the second most-cited problem (15%), and amid elevated tensions about the southern U.S. border, illegal immigration edged up three percentage points to 11%. Mentions of the economy, in general, fell six points, to 10%, the lowest reading in a year. "

The poll from Jan. 2-22 included the 15-vote process to name Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the speaker of the House, and revelations about classified government documents being found at Joe Biden's private office and home.

"The government ranks as the top problem for both Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (24%) and Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (18%). Inflation and immigration are each cited by 18% of Republicans, while mentions of inflation (11%), the economy in general, and race relations (9% each) trail the government among Democrats. Democrats are more likely than Republicans to view unifying the country and the environment as top problems."

The poll also reported more than 80% of respondents, U.S. adults, "rate economic conditions in the country as only fair (38%) or poor (45%), with few describing conditions as excellent (2%) or good (15%). Furthermore, 72% of Americans say the economy is getting worse, 22% say it is improving, and 4% think it is staying the same."

Under Biden's leadership, inflation in America has surged beyond 9.0%, although it has come down somewhat in recent months. Gasoline prices have exploded into the $5 and $6 a gallon range, even higher in a few locations, hitting hard at the household budgets of many Americans.

The pollster reported, "Americans’ mentions of the government as the nation’s most important problem have risen significantly in the past month, while inflation remains the next most-cited issue. Fewer name the economy in general, yet when asked about the economy directly, Americans continue to lack confidence in its current and future health."

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