DEM City Begs To Have ‘Sanctuary City’ Status Scrapped

After bus after bus of illegal aliens were dumped into New York City from Texas over the course of the last year, increasing crime and draining the city of essential resources, Mayor Eric Adams has officially waved the white flag of surrender, and is now begging  the courts to somehow find a way to end NYC’s official “sanctuary” status.

Adams, who once championed and promised to maintain the metropolitan’s “sanctuary city” status when he was running for mayor, appeared in court this past week begging a judge to reevaluate the whole thing.


Adams spoke to the press after his appearance to justify his about-face on this issue:

“The law of sanctuary city was in place long before I became mayor. I’m following the law. As a law enforcement person, you know, we follow the law. We are now in court now, today, asking the judge to revisit this law to deal with this humanitarian crisis because, even when they decided to put in place that law, no one thought they would be dealing with a humanitarian crisis of this proportion.”

According to, “Mayor Adams issued an executive order suspending the city’s right-to-shelter rules on Wednesday night. Under this policy, the city was required to locate private rooms for asylum seekers.”

Adams had this week already referred to the crisis NYC is facing as “a real burden,” finally admitting that this acceptance of illegal aliens and otherwise undocumented economic opportunists into the city, who overflowed hotels and were treated to a myriad of other taxpayer provided resources, was too much for the people of NYC to handle.


A spokesperson for the Adams administration relayed once again the critical concern that this immigration crisis was having on the citizens of NYC, attempting to highlight their successes while still pointing out the very obvious strain it was having.

“Not asylum seeking-family that has sought shelter from us over the last year has slept on the street thanks to our colossal efforts, but without more support from our federal and state partners, we are concerned the worst may be yet to come.

“With over 130 emergency sites and eight humanitarian relief centers already opened, we have reached our limit, and last week we had to resort to temporarily housing recent arrivals in gyms,” the spokesperson continued. “In an effort to mitigate those risks and find room within our shelter system, the city has temporarily suspended the policy surrounding timing for placements in shelters.”

A report from the non-profit Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) pointed out that over 61,000 illegal aliens arrived in NYC over the past year, and roughly 40,000 are currently receiving some form of taxpayer-provided benefits such as “housing, food, and other benefits.”

“Mayor Adams estimates that the Biden administration’s immigration policies will cost the city $4.3 billion in 2023 and 2024,” the report stated. “These costs were not included in a recent FAIR cost study that found New York was home to 1.8 million illegal aliens which cost taxpayers $9.9 billion.”

via thepoliticalinsider

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