NOT SO SHOCKING: Corruption Confirmed in Trump Prosecution Team

Corruption has been confirmed on the team of federal lawyers who are prosecuting President Donald Trump over his handling of documents from his presidency.

The conclusion comes from no less than a federal judge.

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It is Just the News researched the team assembled by special counsel Jack Smith, who was assigned by the partisan attorney general, Merrick Garland, to assemble a case against Trump.

The situation is rife with partisanship as Garland has assembled no similar investigation of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, despite there being reams of evidence they mishandled confidential government materials.

The report identified the suspected team player for Smith as Karen Gilbert.

The report explained in 2009, as a lawyer for the U.S. attorney’s office, she was reprimanded by a federal judge for “gross negligence” in connection with a secret taping of a defense lawyer and an investigator.

She’s now “deputy” to Smith.

As head of the local narcotics office in Miami at the time, she was involved in a failed attempt to prosecute Dr. Ali Shaygan for a medication violation.

The report said:

Gilbert and her colleague in the case Sean Cronin launched a witness tampering investigation and got two witnesses to record conversations between Shaygan’s defense lawyer and the investigator, the records show.

However, according to a stinging ruling by U.S. District Judge Alan Gold, the pair failed to get authorization to tape the conversations and did not inform the defense team that the witnesses were “cooperating with the government,” thereby violating discovery obligations.

Further, she didn’t tell her bosses about the investigation.

The judge in the case found that Gilbert, in fact, had no basis to even start the investigation.

The report said the judge found it happened “because of ‘personal animus against the defense’ on behalf of Cronin, who answered to Gilbert.”

Shaygan was acquitted of all charges, and the judge approved his request to enter sanctions and announce a “public reprimand” against prosecutors in the case.

The report noted, “Former senior Trump adviser and federal prosecutor Kash Patel last week called Gilbert “one of the most corrupt prosecutors to ever come out of the southern district of Miami.”

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